Sunday, July 26, 2015

"Cold Bore" Dragon ACR

This is what I've been up to today : "Dragon" Assault Rifle for my game "Cold Bore". Still very much a Work In-Progress but I'm liking where its going. Started from a loose pen sketch that was taken into Photoshop and tweaked. From there I used it on a grid in Zbrush as a rough guide for using the Zmodeler brush.

FPS View Test Mock-up

 The weapon is based on a "Metal Storm" kind of technology (In my mind anyway lol). Made mostly of polymer with a disposable inner module and barrel housing that contains the munitions. I have to make sure the gun can break open properly to take out and insert the module with ease so that will be my next step before fiddling with details etc.

Side View
Photoshop Sketch

You can see that i made changes on the fore grip area as what I did on my sketch didn't really seem to work in 3D so I opted for a more continuous piece. I Made this sculpt with the #zbrush Zmodeler Brush starting from a sketch this morning so I feel I was pretty productive today. didn't get to work on it all day but got at least several hours in for #gamedev. Rendered in #Keyshot.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Cold Bore: AR-17 MK-IV

Created this AR-17, my futuristic designation for a modern AR-15, for my "Cold Bore" project. It was more of a warm up to get a feel for where I want to take this game. Right now I feel it's not futuristic enough so I'm going to push that aspect a lot further.

However there are quite a few elements that I like about this piece that I want to incorporate into "Cold Bore's" overall vision like the very military feel of this weapon and details like the digital camo pattern and wear.

This piece was created entirely in Zbrush 4R7 using both the new Zmodeler brush along with dynamesh and rendered in multiple passes in Keyshot 5. If you are interested in learning more about some of the process I use I have a bunch of free tutorials on Gumroad:

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tactical T.A.L.O.S. Armor Concepting

Been working on some ideas for my "Cold Bore" project (previously known as "Project Vanguard" but seems that name is taken lol). I've been sketching out a tentative design for the main player character suit and created a quick photobash call-out sheet to get some preliminary ideas of were to go with it. Since "Cold Bore" takes place in the late 21st century-ish I didn't want to go too far ahead technology wise and keep it a little more towards plausible future military tech.

The suit is comprised of an "Under armor" base layer infused with nano-technology. This allows increase in strength and abilities and something for the reactive armor layer to hook onto. I think it may be an opportunity for in-game upgrades such as weapon stability, jump capabilities, armor enhancements etc. or something to that effect.

On top of this base layer are the "Reactive" armor plates which dispel the energy of incoming projectiles much like an Abrams tank armor. I'm still debating whether or not it has some form of regenerative "self healing" factor powered by nano technology.

As a final layer there is some kind of tactical harness with magazines and gear necessary for battle. I slapped on a modern harness used by today's operators to get a feel for how it would look and I like how it tones down, or grounds, the design making it not overly sci-fi. Of course I still have to design a more futuristic vest/ harness but the photobash helped me visualize the idea.

As you can see its still in the early development stages and requires more love. I have test him inside of the game engine as well to see if the design works and I'm assuming he will need to be tweaked at some point during development.

As with any development process things will surely change and evolve especially as game play starts to be implemented.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mech Pilot Look Development

Been working on this guy as of late just as a personal project. Using Zbrush to sculpt with and Keyshot for rendering to get a feel for materials and whatnot. Right now the body is one mesh but I will be separating into materials once he's closer to the final sketch refine phase.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Superman Re-Design

This is a piece I created for the Brainstorm Facebook Group. The theme challenge was to re-design Superman which I feel is very challenging being he's so iconic. I also felt the suit design in the latest film was phenomenal so definitely a hard act to follow.

Here is my thinking behind the design:

First I went for a more Batman-esque style suit (I'm more of a Batman guy lol) that has some reinforced areas that wouldn't tear (hopefully) under the stress Superman puts his clothing through while he's flying, fighting etc. I figured the suit must be made of some kind of advanced material and had to be highly mobile to withstand this kind of abuse as regular materials would just tear.

Of course I have no idea who makes it for him lol. but that is the idea behind the "look". Of course Superman, unlike Batman, doesn't need to the suit as body armor so I figured it just has to hold up better than spandex during a fight or he could find himself awkwardly naked - haha.

I also made the chest logo smaller, in fact, I have no idea why Superman would have a logo on his chest (except for marketing?) but it's so iconic that I didn't want to totally get rid of it. I also left the cape which is another very iconic costume element that in reality doesn't serve any purpose and most likely would get caught on things.

It's definitely tough to come up with a new design while keeping in tune with what makes the character so recognizable which is why I like the suit in the latest film so much - really excellent design!

It was an interesting challenge and good practice for sure - cheers! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jill Valentine Final Zbrush Sculpt

This is the final Zbrush sculpt before being output for 3D printing. I already got her printed at Shapeways and I'm very happy with the results. She was printed at 11" tall not including the base. I had made the upgrade to Zbrush 4R7 during the time of this sculpt and started to experiment with using ZModeler brush on some of her elements like the holster and as I became more familiar with the ZModeler brush I ended up creating the whole base, including the shell casings, which was really great!

 At this scale there was no point adding details like cloth and pore textures as these would not show up on the print. Right now I'm in the process of painting the printed figure and will post shots of her once I'm done.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Ammo Pick-Up

Here is an ammo box pick-up item concept I created using the new Zbrush ZModeler brush. It was a lot of fun. This pick-up concept is intended to be used in a third or first person game.